10% of Sales Donated to Animal Rescue

Animal rescue is a subject near and dear to my heart and 10% of any Avon sales I have are donated to Friends of Arlington Animal Services to help get more dogs and cats adopted, rescued or fostered.

I have two dogs and three cats who were all
Molly and Rocky both came from local shelters
rescued from various bad situations. I got my dog, Molly, at a county shelter in Oregon when I was a volunteer there. My cat, Rocky, came from Arlington Animal Services here in Texas, where I volunteer now one day a week with the lost pets group. Our group tries to match up dogs listed as lost on the city website with dogs who come into the shelter.

This blog links to my Avon website where readers can purchase any of the wonderful Avon products online and have them shipped directly to your home. 10% of these proceeds will go directly to animal rescue.

Here is a link to Friends of Arlington Animal Services. The volunteer groups associated with Arlington's Animal Services to a terrific job of getting dogs and cats returned to their owners, adopted, rescued or fostered. Hundreds of lives are saved each year, thanks to their dedicated efforts and I am proud to support them.

I invite you to visit my Avon website today! Free delivery for orders over $30 too.