About Me

Are you the best you can be? We're all looking for that best version of ourselves, whether it's physically, spiritually or mentally. It's all a journey and we gather helpful hints along the way to help us live a more positive, fulfilling life.

I have been on a path to natural healing for many years. In order to be my own best me, I study tai chi, practice Bikram yoga and eat a very healthy diet. I make a habit of gratitude for everything I have and try to focus on that, rather than what I don't have.

I am an Avon Representative and I try to help my customers be their own best version of themselves, whether it's offering beauty or anti-aging tips, helping them to save money or offering information about new products which just might solve a problem they have. There are no problems, only opportunities to make our journey better.

For the past 12 years, I've been a freelance writer, writing about alternative health, yoga, organic gardening, knitting and other passions of mine. Recently, I went to a workshop put on by Sandi Krawkowski at A Real Change.com and it literally transformed the way I am living my life. I am hoping to bring some of those positive changes into this blog and help each person who reads feel better about themselves.

Another part of my path to natural healing took me to doTerra essential oils because I am very interested in how essential oils can be used as natural remedies for many health conditions, or for overall health improvement.

Another passion of mine is animal rescue. I volunteer with our local Animal Services once a week, helping to reunite lost dogs with their owners. I also spend time networking dogs and cats on the group's Facebook page. I would love to see every dog and cat living in a wonderful, safe home and hundreds of dogs and cats are adopted, fostered or rescued through the hours and hours of work put in by our Shelter's volunteers. I am honored to be a small part of that.

To help with this effort, I also donate 10% of the earnings from my Avon business to the volunteer group, which uses the money toward their animal rescue work.

I hope that with everything I do and every article I write, I can bring my best to you. If nothing else, I'd love to bring a light to your day so that when you leave a blog post or twitter or Facebook message, you feel a little better about life than you did before you read it. I want you to be the best you YOU can be and I'd love to hear from you about whatever concerns you.

What are your burning questions? What are your passions in life? I'd love to hear from you!