Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cora the Unwanted Dog

I read this post on Facebook just now about Cora, the unwanted dog. It was posted by Harbor Souls 
Cora, the Unwanted Pooch
Rescue in Fort, Worth, Texas. One reason I am sharing this is because since it was posted an hour ago there has been at least a couple people who follow the Harbor Souls Facebook page, who seem interested in Cora. Cora's story is the story of many, many dogs and cats out there who were abandoned and who need someone to commit to caring for and loving them. If you are looking for a dog, especially, check at your local shelter or animal rescue groups first before buying one from a breeder or a pet store, where it possibly came from a puppy mill (That is another story!)

Here is Cora's story. I'll keep you posted on how it comes out for her.

Do ya'll remember CORA? We had her for a long time.

She had a very, very hard life we could tell upon meeting her at the shelter...We felt she was probably was a breeder dog and came in to the shelter.She was matted, over grown and just depressed. We took her in and had her groomed immediately. We always though she would be placed quickly. She wasn't. We had Cora for at least 3 months.

Her foster mom cared for her, love and loved her while we updated her on everything she needed that wasn't done from her previous "so called" owner. This included a hernia operation. Still, no one seemed to want her, no matter how often we posted her. Her foster mom was not a candidate from day one since she had enough of her own to feed and couldn't afford another dog. To say the least it broke our hearts that Cora simply wasn't wanted it seemed by anyone.

Finally someone showed interest. I finally thought she would have a home of her own.. Cora had never endured one simple request in life, love. We know she is an older dog but have no clue what her true age is. Possibly around 8 and that is just a guess. It's hard to tell because sometimes when they have had a harder life, you really can't tell if it's the result of that or if they really are an older dog.

She was placed this past Jan, and we thought she was in her forever home... Three months passed when we got a call. Cora was no longer wanted. They decided they wanted a tiny dog to carry around with them. Cora wasn't the one ( She weighs around 15lbs). She felt she was in her home>>>>> again she was let down by humans. She came back to her foster home where again she was loved and cared for. Then I came up with an idea that I would post her for more of small donation to see if that would help Cora to find her forever home. Still nothing... I couldn't believe it.

Cora, I was realizing was just an unwanted dog. Finally another call, they wanted Cora badly. They called and called and called. Finally we figured we would go ahead and try this. We didn't want to keep moving Cora around and I wanted to be sure. We even let her do a sleep over for the weekend. It was a very young couple, early 20's and that was our hesitation. Although I DO NOT do sleep overs we did it for that reason.  Instead of being met with the joy they had felt, after meeting her they said they changed her mind. Cora was not active enough for them. She didn't run and play enough. Cora is a sedentary dog like most older dogs. They are not puppies.

She loves to just cuddle in your lap and sleep with you at bed time. She also loves to be the only dog. Although she lives in a foster home with 3 other dogs that took time to adjust to. She wasn't use to be around other dogs. When you've never had love in your life, you want to be loved by all means and want to make sure your care giver knows this. I do feel Cora would adjust to one other dog who is submissive. Again Cora was unwanted. The let down was hard not only for us, but for her. She really, really liked this couple, we could tell.

Cora is a very sweet loving dog, but she has such a sad story and life.. No one seems to want her.. There have been many dogs saved and placed but Cora is not a dog anyone wants to have as their own it seems. I have no idea why. We along with many rescues have placed many older dogs. Ones who have had lot of complications with health.. For that most part that hasn't been Cora's situation. I would LOVE for Cora to be with an older couple, or older person living along.. Even a married couple or single person who is home more. There MUST be someone out there who will love this girl!!. Someone who wants one simple thing. To show her love until she leaves this earth. To let her know someone does care. To let her know she is not unwanted her entire life. No dog should have to feel this and there is a part of her that must.

If you are interested in Cora, call 504-319-3930

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Feel Good, Feel Great!

What makes you feel good? For me, it's different things on different days. Some days, I have lots of tai chi class or doing a half hour of yoga at home.

Abby Tabby, the foster kitten is looking for a home in Arlington TX
energy and it actually makes me feel good to clean a closet or work in the garden. Other days, what makes me feel good is a

I am a firm believer in listening to your body and your heart to keep my body, mind and spirit in balance so energy is flowing and healing can happen. If we listen to our body and hear what it needs, I think we tend to eat a salad instead of a candy bar or go for a walk instead of sitting hunched over Facebook for hours on end.

One thing that can always be counted on to make me feel good is to take a few deep breathes and think about what I'm grateful for. We can't always be happy, happy, happy but I do think if we try and focus on the positive things in life and be grateful for what we have, the small annoyances don't tend to bother us to much. My motto is "Everything will work out great in the end. If it isn't great, it isn't the end."

Another thing that always makes me feel good are taking my dog for a walk so I can listen to my new audio book, rubbing my kitten's belly, being outdoors in the garden, sitting on the big swing in the back yard with one of my grandchildren and looking at the birds flying past.

I don't think life is about the big things at all but the small things. Every day, if you make it a habit of seeing all the small good things, the big things will take care of themselves. The better you feel  in any given moment, the better your energy will be and the more good things will come to you.

I think we have a choice to be happy or not. As Abraham Lincoln said, "I think most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be." No matter what's going on in your life, you always have the choice to think better thoughts and to be happy. Nobody can take that away from you.

Is it easy all the time? No! It isn't easy to be happy no matter what. I've found though, as I go through life that it gets easier all the time though because I've seen things work out for the better or for the worse and I know I can get through whatever happens.

It's easier when you remember that ALL happiness comes from within. Anything without is temporary and likely to disappear or disappoint so it's not the best thing to pin your happiness on anything other than what's inside. If you don't like what's inside and it doesn't make you happy, resolve to change it and seek ways to do that.

Being happy can get to be a habit. I've been practicing intentional happiness now for about 6 years. A while back, I suddenly felt like I was in a funk, just kind of down. This state seemed so alien to me after so many years of actually focusing on positive, happy thoughts and emotions. I found I absolutely didn't want to go back to my old negative self. The old negativity was just not my normal anymore. It takes practice but anybody can do it!

If you're feeling down and depressed, do you have a favorite thing to do to make yourself feel better? I think it's always good to make a list of happiness things because sometimes when you're down and out, you just can't think of what might make you happy.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Can I Lose 10 pounds with DoTerra Slim and Sassy?

Recently, I've become very interested in essential oils for health and found out they are even helpful

Ruger is the Dog of the Week at Arlington, TX Animal Services
in weight loss. A friend introduced me to doTerra and I've tried several of their products. Like everybody, I'd like to lose 10 pounds and keep it off. I already exercise and eat a healthy diet, so I was curious as to whether doTerra Slim and Sassy products would be helpful or not.

I'm skeptical of weigh loss programs as a whole. I know that watching what you eat and exercising are the best ways to keep the pounds off permanently. I did read reviews though which said adding the Slim and Sassy essential oils to water helped them become a real water drinker! I know I need that as it's hard for me to get down several glasses of water per day.

DoTerra Slim and Sassy offers a New You kit with the essential oils, which you mix with water and take before eating, Trim shakes in chocolate and vanilla and the Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements. You can also buy just the essential oils, the supplements or the trim shakes individually too if you only want to try one of them.

I've been taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements for a while now and I do think they give me more energy. They contain whole food vitamins, lots of essential oils for health and wellness and omega 3 oils. I've been taking vitamin supplements for years so it's nice to actually notice a difference when I add new ones.

Once I start the Slim and Sassy program, I'll keep you posted on my progress. I recently had to give up Bikram yoga due to a shoulder injury so I need something to help me keep off those pounds! I'll be happy to post my weightloss results, or even the lack of them.

If you're interested in Ruger in the photo above, visit the Partners of Arlington Animal Services or Arlington Animal Services Facebook pages.

Check out DoTerra Slim and Sassy. If you decide to order some and try it, let me know how you like it and if you thought it helped you lose weight.

This DoTerra website offers a place to shop as well as lots of information about essential oils and their uses. Lots of great info here.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Anti-Aging Herbs and Spices

One big secret to an anti-aging diet isn't about the foods themselves but the herbs and spices you add.

Molly is available at Arlington Animal Services
Arlington, Texas
Herbs and spices add delicious flavor, without the sodium, but they are also nutrient dense and powerful for overall health and healthy aging. You can add herbs and spices to any of your recipes or take some, such as turmeric, ginger or cayenne as a supplement. You can also add them by the half teaspoon or so, to any smoothie you make.

Herbs, Spices and Health

Herbs and spices help decrease inflammation in the body, which is -a major cause of heart disease, arthritis and even allergies.

If you want to keep your weight steady, herbs and spices help promote weightloss by increasing metabolism. They help protect us from cancer, improve our immune system and help lower our cholesterol. I am a firm believer in the natural healing our bodies are capable of and these herbs and spices help promote that natural healing. If you already have health issues such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or even cancer, arthritis or other serious health concerns, herbs and spices can make a big difference.

One advantage of using more herbs and spices in cooking too is that we can use less salt for flavoring. Salt contributes to high blood pressure so it's best to avoid it in the diet if possible.

Here is a list of anti-aging, health boosting herbs and spices to add to your daily diet:
  • Rosemary - an anti-inflammatory, which helps improve depression, helps improve brain function
  • Basil - an anti-inflammatory, good for skin, boosts immune system
  • Cumin - protects the brain from dementia, strengthens the blood and immune system, promotes good digestion.
  • Sage - has dementia fighting power
  • Cayenne - fights obesity, anti-inflammatory and improves depression, increases metabolism
  • Cinnamon- regulates blood suger, helps to lower cholesterol, good for immune system
  • Coriander - helps regulate blood sugar, mood booster
  • Lemon grass, nutmeg, bay leaves and saffron have a calming effect
  • Turmeric protects our body from cancer, helps heal neuropathy, boosts immune system
  • Oregano - fungus-beating power
  • Thyme - great for immune system
  • Ginger calms stomach upsets and indigestion, boosts immune system and is anti-inflammatory
  • Garlic, mustard seed and chicory -great for your heart
  • Garlic boosts the immune system and is anti-inflammatory
  • Black pepper - improves mood
Eating an all-around healthy diet, full of fruits and veggies is one of the best disease preventing, anti-aging things you can do for yourself and if you top off these fruits and veggies with herbs and spices, then your diet is doing double duty to keep you younger-feeling, energetic and healthy, well into your old age.
The pup in the photo above is Molly. Here is what the Friends of Arlington Animal Shelter have to say about her on Facebook:

Poor little Molly was an owner surrender. When we first took out this beautiful girl she was skiddish, ran from quick movements and would not let us approach her off leash. Oddly enough, when I did not give direct eye contact, she would sit next to me from behind and "butt" up against me as if she was comforted by human contact. I took it slowly with her and soon enough, she opened u...
p, began to take treats from me and started to trust me. Picture #1 is of her was at the beginning of her "photo shoot" and picture # 3 was towards the end when she was playing with volunteer Sally Amendola and being her silly little self. This girl will need a patient and loving family who will take time to get to know her. A very workable dog. Would guess she knows sit and basic commands as she frequently sat with us and laid with us. Was too nervous in shelter environment however to assess exactly what she does know.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Avon Fundraiser for Animal Rescue

Avon Animal Rescue Fundraiser from now until June 1

Beautiful Trey is available for adoption!
From now until June 1, 2013, I will donate 20% of the proceeds from my Avon online sales to the Friends of Arlington (TX) Animal Services. (FAAS). This group of dedicated volunteers gets literally hundreds of dogs and cats adopted, rescued or fostered from the city shelter. The work they do is amazing!

I follow this group on Facebook and share many of their photos and updates. I think they have over 8,000 followers now. Facebook has been a powerful tool for animal rescue groups. I sometimes see that people drove many, many hours to come to the shelter and adopt a particular dog or cat.

The volunteers also network constantly with rescue groups which can pull animals from the shelter at no cost. They only need a foster to step up and commit to taking the dog or cat first.

To be included in the fundraiser, simply visit my Avon website, click on "shop now" and order any of the hundreds of wonderful Avon products. If you order only $30 worth, you also get free shipping. Don't forget to select "direct delivery" as your delivery option.

Another part of this fundraiser is that I donate $1 for each person who visits my site and registers for Avon email updates too!

So here's you chance to get some new make-up, a Mother's Day gift, or perhaps some new shoes or a top and help animals too. Besides that, you'll have fun browsing through all of Avon's enticing products!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Your Best You with Anti-Aging Foods

Being truly beautiful doesn't come just from creams, lotions and make-up that you put on the outside
One easy way to get fruits and veggies into your diet is with smoothies!
of your body. Beauty begins on the inside, with what you put into your body on a daily basis.

Anti-aging foods also help you to avoid age-related diseases such as arthritis, high blood pressure and heart disease. Let's face it, if you are in pain or worried about your health, you won't be feeling your most beautiful. Not to mention that the pharmaceuticals given out by doctors to manage the symptoms of these diseases also cause physical harm to our bodies over time. Eating the right foods can help our bodies to heal from the inside out, keeping us younger, longer.

Eating lots of nutritious food also helps to keep body weight at a healthy level and being at a body weight where we feel good, also helps our confidence and self-image.

To get the most from any anti aging diet, you eat a wide variety of foods from the following list:

•Fruits and vegetables keep you young and healthy. Eat a wide variety of colors to get the most nutrition from these anti-aging foods and eat fruits and veggies from 5 to 9 times daily to gain maximum benefit.

Impossible to eat this much fruit and vegetables, you say? Why not try drinking a nutritious green smoothie for breakfast. I make a big pitcher full every morning and my husband and I both drink it for breakfast and lunch. It makes a wonderfully nutritious meal on the go too. I just throw in any fruits and veggies I happen to have, with a base of green tea.

•Fish like salmon and sardines contain omega3 fatty acids which are important for healthy brain function as we age. Plus they have anti-inflammatory benefits which helps ward off arthritis and keeps your nervous system healthy. You should eat fish at least twice a week and take a quality omega 3 supplement daily.

I found some tasty canned, wild-caught salmon at Costco. I think it was 6 cans for about $12. I add it to salads or eat it on crackers. It's one easy way to get fish into my diet.

•Whole grains - get 3 servings of whole grains daily. Since many people are sensitive to gluten, which is found in wheat, try some gluten free grains, like quinoa or millet. You can make a batch of quinoa and keep it in the frig for several days, then add a spoonful to salads. I also add quinoa to soups or make a pilaf out of it. Great with chicken!

Grains give us B vitamins, fiber for colon health and phytonutrients to help with controlling weight and lowering cholesterol levels.

•Beans and legumes contribute lean, non-meat protein and vital nutrients to an anti-aging diet. Beans are very low in calories so they help keep our weight down as we age. Three to 4 times a week is all it takes. Keep canned beans around to add to many recipes such as kidney beans to a salad, cannelloni beans to Italian pasta dishes or black beans in Mexican dishes.

•Probiotics, or good bacteria, from yogurt, kefir and other cultured foods boost your immune system so you stay healthy as you age. Eat yogurt or some product with active probiotics daily or take a supplement.

•Nuts contain heart and brain healthy fats and lots of B Vitamins to keep your heart and brain in good working order, which is vital as you age. These vitamins also help keep your skin soft and supple. Nuts are also full of protein. I keep bags of slivered almonds or walnuts around to add to salads or eat as a snack.

•Water - Drinking lots of water is one of the best anti-aging tips! Lots of water keeps toxins flushed from the body and keep skin and muscles well hydrated. Skin cells look plumper and healthier. Water benefits circulation, and all other organs in the body. It even helps with weightloss.

Green or white tea is a super anti-aging and anti-cancer food. These teas are full of antioxidants, which keep us healthy and our bodies from breaking down over time. Studies also show that drinking 3-4 cups of green or white tea daily to cut your chances of getting a debilliating stroke.

Other foods that make the "superfood list" include blueberries, acai fruit and goji berries. These superfoods boost brain power and the immune system and contain many anti-cancer and anti-aging, nutrients.

As you can see by the list, anti-aging foods are the nutritional power foods that not only help with healthy aging, but offer good health at any age. When you feel healthy, you also feel and look more beautiful. You have more energy and feel less stressed.

Some people feel like it may be too hard or too expensive to eat this way or they don't want to give up the sugar and other empty calories, like chips. Once you start eating healthier though, your body starts to crave this way of eating and you look and feel so much better, that you'll never want to go back to eating the way you once did.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beauty on a Budget - What's on Sale this Week?

Looking for beauty on a budget? Who doesn't want to save money? To me, saving money and getting
Campaign 13 - Lots of sale items!
quality products is what Avon is all about. This campaign Avon is introducing a new line of beauty products called Avon Elements. It's suitable for sensitive skin and will help your skin look healthy and radiant.

The Avon Elements line is on sale in Campaign 13 too. Instant Radiance Lotion has an SPF of 20 to protect your skin from the spring and summer sun and you can try it now for only $9.99.

Another product in this line is the youth restoring anti-wrinkle creams for both day and night. The anti-wrinkle eye roller is on sale now for only $10.99. You might also like the Moisture Boost formula which is oil free for combination skin. The Moisture Boost eye cream is only $7.99 in Campaign 13.

Would you like to fly away to a tropical paradise? Even is you can't take a vacation right now, everything is tropical in Campaign 13. A new fragrance is introduced called Fiji Paradise and the intro special is just $9.99. Other great products in this line are lotions and body mists-also on sale!

I always loved Avon's clothing lines and I was glad to see them going back to that again. Beautiful flowing tops and pant sets, purses in all sizes and even sandals - all at very affordable prices and in keeping with the tropical paradise feel. Even the limited edition make-up and nail polishes have the flavor of the tropics this campaign.

Besides the tropical paradise clothing, you can also find pages and pages of other stylish clothing, purses and shoes. Pages 116-117 are a buy one, get $10 off the other. Quality bras by Playtex and Bali are also on sale this campaign. You could easily sit at home and pick out an entire new spring wardrobe from the comfort of your couch, just by browsing the Avon catalog online.

The going, going, gone section offers up to 60% savings on many terrific Avon items.

Other big news for Campaign 13 is that many of the popular Anew products are on sale. (Check back to Campaign 12 too for other great Anew sale prices). Do you need cute and practical kitchen items? I love the colorful plastic serving tray with 4 removable bowls and snap on lid. Great for family barbecues since I always bring the veggie dish.

Do you need a Mother's Day or Father's Day gift? Avon has lots and lots of great ideas. If your mom or dad doesn't live near you, have it shipped. Any order over $30 gets free shipping. Be sure to choose the "direct delivery option" for shipping.

Don't forget too that 10% of my sales goes to our local Animal Services volunteer group to help with adoptions, fosters and rescues of dogs and cats.

Want to check out these terrific beauty savings? Shop my online store and check out all the stylish