Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Cora the Unwanted Dog

I read this post on Facebook just now about Cora, the unwanted dog. It was posted by Harbor Souls 
Cora, the Unwanted Pooch
Rescue in Fort, Worth, Texas. One reason I am sharing this is because since it was posted an hour ago there has been at least a couple people who follow the Harbor Souls Facebook page, who seem interested in Cora. Cora's story is the story of many, many dogs and cats out there who were abandoned and who need someone to commit to caring for and loving them. If you are looking for a dog, especially, check at your local shelter or animal rescue groups first before buying one from a breeder or a pet store, where it possibly came from a puppy mill (That is another story!)

Here is Cora's story. I'll keep you posted on how it comes out for her.

Do ya'll remember CORA? We had her for a long time.

She had a very, very hard life we could tell upon meeting her at the shelter...We felt she was probably was a breeder dog and came in to the shelter.She was matted, over grown and just depressed. We took her in and had her groomed immediately. We always though she would be placed quickly. She wasn't. We had Cora for at least 3 months.

Her foster mom cared for her, love and loved her while we updated her on everything she needed that wasn't done from her previous "so called" owner. This included a hernia operation. Still, no one seemed to want her, no matter how often we posted her. Her foster mom was not a candidate from day one since she had enough of her own to feed and couldn't afford another dog. To say the least it broke our hearts that Cora simply wasn't wanted it seemed by anyone.

Finally someone showed interest. I finally thought she would have a home of her own.. Cora had never endured one simple request in life, love. We know she is an older dog but have no clue what her true age is. Possibly around 8 and that is just a guess. It's hard to tell because sometimes when they have had a harder life, you really can't tell if it's the result of that or if they really are an older dog.

She was placed this past Jan, and we thought she was in her forever home... Three months passed when we got a call. Cora was no longer wanted. They decided they wanted a tiny dog to carry around with them. Cora wasn't the one ( She weighs around 15lbs). She felt she was in her home>>>>> again she was let down by humans. She came back to her foster home where again she was loved and cared for. Then I came up with an idea that I would post her for more of small donation to see if that would help Cora to find her forever home. Still nothing... I couldn't believe it.

Cora, I was realizing was just an unwanted dog. Finally another call, they wanted Cora badly. They called and called and called. Finally we figured we would go ahead and try this. We didn't want to keep moving Cora around and I wanted to be sure. We even let her do a sleep over for the weekend. It was a very young couple, early 20's and that was our hesitation. Although I DO NOT do sleep overs we did it for that reason.  Instead of being met with the joy they had felt, after meeting her they said they changed her mind. Cora was not active enough for them. She didn't run and play enough. Cora is a sedentary dog like most older dogs. They are not puppies.

She loves to just cuddle in your lap and sleep with you at bed time. She also loves to be the only dog. Although she lives in a foster home with 3 other dogs that took time to adjust to. She wasn't use to be around other dogs. When you've never had love in your life, you want to be loved by all means and want to make sure your care giver knows this. I do feel Cora would adjust to one other dog who is submissive. Again Cora was unwanted. The let down was hard not only for us, but for her. She really, really liked this couple, we could tell.

Cora is a very sweet loving dog, but she has such a sad story and life.. No one seems to want her.. There have been many dogs saved and placed but Cora is not a dog anyone wants to have as their own it seems. I have no idea why. We along with many rescues have placed many older dogs. Ones who have had lot of complications with health.. For that most part that hasn't been Cora's situation. I would LOVE for Cora to be with an older couple, or older person living along.. Even a married couple or single person who is home more. There MUST be someone out there who will love this girl!!. Someone who wants one simple thing. To show her love until she leaves this earth. To let her know someone does care. To let her know she is not unwanted her entire life. No dog should have to feel this and there is a part of her that must.

If you are interested in Cora, call 504-319-3930