Monday, May 13, 2013

Can I Lose 10 pounds with DoTerra Slim and Sassy?

Recently, I've become very interested in essential oils for health and found out they are even helpful

Ruger is the Dog of the Week at Arlington, TX Animal Services
in weight loss. A friend introduced me to doTerra and I've tried several of their products. Like everybody, I'd like to lose 10 pounds and keep it off. I already exercise and eat a healthy diet, so I was curious as to whether doTerra Slim and Sassy products would be helpful or not.

I'm skeptical of weigh loss programs as a whole. I know that watching what you eat and exercising are the best ways to keep the pounds off permanently. I did read reviews though which said adding the Slim and Sassy essential oils to water helped them become a real water drinker! I know I need that as it's hard for me to get down several glasses of water per day.

DoTerra Slim and Sassy offers a New You kit with the essential oils, which you mix with water and take before eating, Trim shakes in chocolate and vanilla and the Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements. You can also buy just the essential oils, the supplements or the trim shakes individually too if you only want to try one of them.

I've been taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack supplements for a while now and I do think they give me more energy. They contain whole food vitamins, lots of essential oils for health and wellness and omega 3 oils. I've been taking vitamin supplements for years so it's nice to actually notice a difference when I add new ones.

Once I start the Slim and Sassy program, I'll keep you posted on my progress. I recently had to give up Bikram yoga due to a shoulder injury so I need something to help me keep off those pounds! I'll be happy to post my weightloss results, or even the lack of them.

If you're interested in Ruger in the photo above, visit the Partners of Arlington Animal Services or Arlington Animal Services Facebook pages.

Check out DoTerra Slim and Sassy. If you decide to order some and try it, let me know how you like it and if you thought it helped you lose weight.

This DoTerra website offers a place to shop as well as lots of information about essential oils and their uses. Lots of great info here.